"Ayoki - a Japanese word which means "God Bless", is an Indian company specializing in Crop Nutrition Solutions. Ayoki was founded and established in the year 1984 under the vision and leadership of Mr. Bipin Mehta. Initially, Ayoki started Fabrication and Erection of Sugar Plants and Cement factories in India and currently takes over International Projects which is being handled by Mr.Ganesh Kumar. The operations advances into specialized fertilizer business and is being nurtured by Mr. Aashish Mehta."

Ayoki offers the most comprehensive range of fertilizers in the agriculture/garden industry that ranges from single nutrient fertilizers to water solubles, micronutrients and bio-stimulants. Ayoki has a program to cater and meet the specific needs of most crops in various regions. Ayoki ensures providing the expertise and knowledge and supplying apt tools needed to optimize soil application, fertigation and foliar application.

  • Agribor® - 20% Boron (D.O.T.) manufactured by Borax Morarji Ltd., a certified ISO 9002 & a sister concern of Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co. Ltd. (DMCC).
  • Nutrifeed – Water Soluble Fertilizers of different grades, manufactured by a UAE based company
  • Boro Gypsum – Boronated Gypsum. A Soil Conditioner.